Scissor Range

Choose “Your” Scissors

Zen Master Scissors have been divided into three editions, Wakai or Young Master stylist edition, Zen Master edition for the intermediary and Grand Zen Master edition for the experienced hairdresser at the top of their game.

Due to the high quality of Zen Master scissors you can cross over and purchase from any edition. However, the steel hardness is what will give you the longest lasting timeframe between sharpening.


Designed for use on mannequins during your learning years. The beauty of these shears is that once you have finished cutting on mannequin heads you can have them sharpened and they will serve you wonderfully to cut clients hair due to the high quality steel.


Designed for use by hairdressers that are no longer cutting on mannequin heads. By this stage you should be really getting a feel for doing great hair and that you need more than one pair of scissors to perform certain tasks. For example, scissors with a fine point at the end of the blade are great for chipping into even the finest of hair or that a pair of scissors with a thicker, more robust blade are great for dry cutting or doing heavy duty cutting on coarse or thick hair. In this collection you will find something unique We have specifically designed a pair of scissors to cater for extensions and or mannequin heads. By making the blades super hard and super sharp. These scissors have been treated to last longer! The chemicals used on all hair extensions and mannequins tend to dull or blunt scissors reasonably quickly. Therefore we recommend that you keep a “special” pair of scissors specifically for those tasks and not the scissors you use on clients. We have introduced our razor-line pair of scissors designed for exactly that purpose. As with the rest of the Zen Master edition, they’re all made with Cobalt or Hitachi steel.

When you’ve reached the time in your career where you really want a truly great pair of scissors then look no further. These scissors offer you, the stylist, the versatility to truly craft with perfection. The highest levels of cobalt and molybdenum in these scissors will bring you a lifetime of satisfaction. Along with the Damascus scissors in this range, Grand Zen Master edition are all you will ever need. All expert hairstylists know that you need different scissors for different hair types and or styles and this collection allows you to have the tools to create your masterpiece.

The descriptions on each pair of scissors in all three editions will help you make your final decision on what suits you best!

The size of the scissors you choose should suit their intended purpose. In our humble opinion, through many years of experience 5.5” to 6.5” are the most versatile. Whether you are scissor – over combing, point cutting, slide cutting, slicing or blunt cutting these sizes are the very best and up to 6.5” for texturizers.

Choosing your scissors has never been simpler. Thanks to the Zen Master range you can now choose easily and with confidence knowing that you are receiving the finest quality scissors. Join the fraternity of great hairdressers worldwide and buy your very own pair of Zen Master scissors today.