Hairdressing Scissor Payment Plan Financing

Hairdresser Scissors and Barber Shear Payment Plan Financing

Hairdressing and Barber Scissor Payment Plan Financing

Want your new KAMISORI hairdressing scissors or barber shears but don’t want to pay the full price upfront? NO PROBLEM!Our easy and fast payment program allows our valued customers the option to finance hairdressing scissors and barber shears interest free!

How it works:
Instead of paying the full amount upfront like regular orders, with our payment program you pay towards what you owe in small portions once a month over a term of three or six months (term is based on your choice). This way you have flexibility to receive your items and the total amount can be paid in small monthly increments, relieving the financial burden of paying a large lump sum all at once.

The first payment must be 50% of the total order amount + Shipping and the Processing Fee.

There is a £15 processing fee for this program and it will be billed only if the application is approved.

The remaining balance will be divided evenly among the remaining two or five months (depending on the term chosen). Once approved, your first transaction will be processed immediately and your items will be shipped out as soon as possible.

All easy payment programs are completely interest free!

It only takes 5 minutes to apply:

1) Email us for application form

2) Read the entirety of the application and fill out all requested information

3) Email your completed application form

*Please note: Financing option is not available on items that are priced less than £100.
Sale prices on shears, and website promotions cannot be applied to payment program purchases so you will pay the full RRP price show not the discounted price as this is only applied for full pre-payment.

**Please note: that we require the entirety of this application to be completed before your payment program can be considered. The bottom of the form MUST include your signature. You can include your signature by printing the form, signing it by hand, and submitting a CLEAR photo/ scan of the document by email or by mailing it in to the address above. You may also include your signature by digitally signing it with a program such as PDF. No online promotions can be applied on this application. Before submitting your application, please call your Credit Card Company or bank to authorize QUINN HAIR AND BEAUTY to make monthly transactions to your credit card. Please note that all payments will be processed using the Visa or MasterCard provided and NOT your bank information.

***Please note that a £40 Insufficient Funds Fee will be charged if your automated payment fails to process the second time.

A guarantor will be required should you default on payments.

If you change your credit card information or need to update payment information, please e-mail us to arrange an alternate payment method to avoid this fee.