Zen Master Scissors Ireland are the exclusive distributor of Zen Master professional hairdressing scissors and barbering scissors and razor blades  and Kamisori Shears in Ireland including Northern Ireland.

Master Japanese craftsmen use age old techniques and combine them with modern ergonomic design to create the very best hairdressing and barbering scissors for today’s world of hairdressing. They produce the most perfect and sharpest cutting blades used for centuries, just like they did for Samurai swords. The material itself is very hard, but it can provide smooth, soft and super sharp cutting. If you want the very best in scissors then look no further.

Zen Master Scissors imports/exports the very best hairdressing scissors and razors from Japan. We have been highly successful hairdressers for thirty years and deeply involved with scissors for over fifteen years. We consult with the world’s leading hairstylists and in turn pass that information on to our craftsmen in Japan to produce scissors that are in demand by hairdressers all over the world. Dedicated to providing the world’s hairdressing industry with the leading high end Japanese hand crafted scissors, the hairdressing scissors that you purchase from this site are at the top of their scissors game. They assure superb performance, lifetime quality and the highest standards when it comes to cutting.

If you only buy one pair of great scissors during your career – make it a Zen Master.

We welcome you to call or email us for further guidance on what scissor is right for you or more about our scissors, shears, razors and texturisers for hairdressers,  hair salons and barbers throughout Ireland.